American Music Awards 2010
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus: Zing Zang Zoom
ESPN Espy Awards 2010
The Next Food Network Star 2010
Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon 2010
Miss USA 2010
Miss Universe 2010
Swift Justice 2010
The Doctors
Primetime Emmy Awards 2008
Republican National Convention 2008
ESPN Espy Awards 2008
American Music Awards 2007
Primetime Emmy Awards 2007
American Music Awards 2006
Miss Universe 2003
Miss Universe 2002
Daytime Emmy Awards 2001
Republican national Convention 2000
Daytime Emmy Awards 1999
Primetime Emmy Awards 1997
Faith Hill Special
Magic of David Copperfield:
The Orient Express
Twenty One
Arista Salute to Clive Davis
MDA Telethon
Superbowl XXXII:
Salute to Motown

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